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We are located in the North Hill Historic District of downtown Pensacola, Florida. Recapture the elegance and romance of the charming Victorian era while enjoying 21st Century amenities at The Noble Manor. Romantic and memorable moments await you at the beautifully restored 1905 Tudor Revival home of Bonnie and Bob Robertson.

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Events So Cool We Keep Repeating Them

Wednesday January 11 2017 through Sunday December 31 2017

Events So Cool We Keep Repeating Them

One of the many things that make a trip to the Gulf Coast area so memorable is the strong sense of tradition and the many unique events that are always taking place. Despite the fun new events added each year, there is an ongoing list of recurring traditions that the area holds dear to its heart and looks forward to annually. Once you throw your first fish at Mullet Toss or watch the Blue Angels zoom overhead from Casino Beach, we guarantee you’ll be hooked!

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Pensacola Lighthouse

Monday February 22 2016 through Saturday December 31 2016

The first lighthouse in the Pensacola area was built in 1824 and was located about a mile and a half to the east of this current location. By the 1850s it became apparent the original lighthouse was inadequate (too short and the light too dim), so congress approved allocations for another. The lighthouse on display was first lit on New Year's Day 1859. It stands 159 feet tall.

The entry fee includes a climbing tour of the lighthouse, as well as admission to the keeper's quarters (1869) and historical exhibits. You will note that this site is located on the Pensacola Naval Air Station and across the road from the Naval Air Museum, so it makes for good planning to visit the two sites together. 

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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T. T. Wentworth Florida State Museum

Monday February 22 2016

Originally opened in 1907 as Pensacola's City Hall, this structure is in the Alamo Mission style, somewhat incongruous amid the creole buildings of Penacola's old quarter. T.T. Wentworth was a local eccentric, philanthropist, and collector of miscellany. The museum is an intriguing mix of his own personal (and occasionally peculiar) interests, as well as a general history of the Florida Panhandle and the diverse peoples who have lived here.It's now part of the Historic Pensacola Village association of historic sites.

Remember the Alamo style!

Historic Pensacola Village - the Dorr House

Thursday April 16 2015

Historic Pensacola Village - the Dorr House

An organization called "Historic Pensacola Village" offers guided tours of four beautifully preserved Pensacola houses, including this one, the 1871 Dorr House. The house is associated with the first woman who lived in it and decorated it, Clara Barkley Dorr (1825-1899). Mrs. Dorr was the daughter of a prominent shipping merchant, and the wife of the region's leading timber barons.

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Ft. Pickens

Thursday April 07 2016 through Wednesday August 31 2016

Fort Pickens is a historical military site located within the Gulf Islands National Seashore. It was originally constructed in the late 1820s/early 1830s, with the purpose of protecting the entire Pensacola harbor - which at the time included the most signicant port east of the Mississippi and south of Baltimore. Completed in 1834, it remained in use until 1947. Fort Pickens is named after Andrew Pickens, militia leader from South Carolina and a hero of the War of American Independence.Interestingly, Fort Pickens remained in Union hands throughout the American Civil War.Note: in early September 2012, portions of the Gulf Islands National Seashore park were affected by Hurricane Isaac and closed due to large sand drifts on roads. You may want to check the official Park Service website if you are planning a visit.

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NAS Pensacola Light House

Saturday February 01 2014 through Sunday November 30 2014

NAS Pensacola Light HouseNAS Pensacola Light House

Pensacola Lighthouse & Museum offers climbing tours of the landmark 1859 lighthouse.  The Lighthouse, situated on Pensacola Bay across from the Naval Aviation Museum, offers indoor and outdoor history exhibits, gift shop, Blue Angel and  Light of the Moon Tours, ghost hunts, weddings and special events. The Richard C. Callaway Museum, in the restored 1869 keeper's quarters, offers local history exhibits including: Native American, Presidio Santa Maria de Galve, and the first Pensacola Lighthouse. Programs include a free history lecture series, sunset tours, children’s programs, weddings and special events. The Lighthouse is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


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